Here’s a few arrangements I’ve worked on… sheet music included! Unfortunately, I had a horrible data loss incident a few years ago, so these may be older backups.

  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Skrillex)
    • (PDF) Intermediate String Orchestra
  • Everwood Theme (From the WB’s Everwood)
    • (PDF | MP3) Piano Solo
    • (PDF | MP3) Violin with Piano Accompaniment
    • (PDF | MP3) Quartet
  • For Amy (From the WB’s Everwood)
    • (PDF | MP3) Piano Solo
  • Personal Variation of For Amy
    • (PDF | MP3) Piano Solo
  • Vidrar Vel Til Loftarasa (Sigur Ros)
  • Vaka (Sigur Ros)

Original Compositions

Here’s a few compositions I’ve made… some with sheet music!

  • Infatuation
    Composed: 2007
    I composed as a result of witnessing the sickeningly sweet exchanges between my friend Scott and his then-girlfriend/now-wife Danielle.

  • A Life Once Lived
    Composed: 07-JUL-2004
    I composed this short piece in memory of Andrew Selby. Andrew was a great co-worker, friend, father, and husband; his life unfortunately cut short by the effects of Leukemia. He leaves behind a wife, daughter, and many friends who will remember his immense talent and humor. I feel very fortunate to have known him.

  • Goodbye
    Composed: 07-MAR-1998
    This was composed as both a requiem and celebration of life for Carol Jackson. Her daughter Carrie, was one of my friends and a fellow violinist in our high school orchestra. Carol was a very nice and funny woman who always helped us out during fund-raisers and events. She is missed by many people.Carrie Jackson, Katrina Smejkal, and I played Ashoken Farewell during Carol’s funeral service. And I believe Garth Brooks’ The River was her favorite song at the time of her passing.Note: This was only my 2nd composition and no sheet music exists as this was tracked in Impulse Tracker and placed on (back when it was still around). I have considered rewriting the work in Sibelius and fixing a lot of mistakes I made but haven’t found the time..

    • (MP3) Full Orchestra
  • Quartet in C Minor No. 1
  • Walking on Clouds
  • As The Rain Falls
  • Concerto Grosso No. 1