About Me

Who am I?
I am me.  That is, I’m a 35 year old writer, musician, composer, software engineer, business professional, psychology researcher, and consultant. I’m also witty, cynical, opinionated, self-deprecating, and sarcastic as hell. I also like intellectual puzzles. As an example, I have hidden my Stanford-Binet score in this sentence for you to find.

What am I like?
While I’m generally outgoing and extroverted, according to Myers-Briggs, I’m an INTJ at heart. Personally, I think that I’m 31% nice, 34% sweet, and 35% evil.

What do I do?
While I currently have a great full-time job as the Chief Technology Officer of MeetMe, Inc. (meetme.com), I’m also developing a commercial database product and I operate another blog, which is focused on Oracle Database internals. When I’m not busy working on those items, I enjoy sharing my various fields of knowledge and experience by speaking at various conferences, meetups, colleges, and student career fairs. On the even rarer occasion I have some free time, I enjoy reading, music composition, and playing piano, violin, or a little guitar. I can also play viola, cello, string bass, banjo, ukulele, and a little flute.

What is my dream career?
While I once wanted to be an attorney, my dream career is to be a film composer.  Though, I guess that will have to wait until I get done with this whole Information Technology gig.

What is my favorite drink?
Rockstar Punched Zero

What is my favorite alcoholic drink?
That’s a tough one.  I’d say that, depending on the mood, my favorite drink is one of the following: Tropical Itch, Long Island Iced Tea, Jack & Coke, Jim & Coke, Seven and Seven, Glenmorangie, Chivas, Patron, or a nice glass of Cabernet or Tawny Port.

Do I ever sleep?
No. Just kidding, I generally sleep 3 hours a night.

Where can you find more of my irrelevant thoughts and opinions?
Where else do all of us self-important people post our thoughts? On Twitter of course!

How can you contact me?
Heh, why would you ever want to do that? :) If you want, feel free to email me!